March 30 2021 Update

Expanded Encryption and More Robust Testing!

Project Updates

  • We're kicking off a big push further into the encryption, so there won't be a lot of new "project" updates for the project

  • That said, we've continued to socialize the concept and advocate for decentralizing how we secure our digital existence ... some recent hacks like Ubiquity just further emphasize how important this is now

Engineering Updates

  • We've got a test remote encryption service under development in GoLang

  • This service imitates the Trusted Compute portion of the key generation, allowing us to expand testing before pushing to an enclave

  • This service will eventually be replaced by networked enclaves, like SKALE or NuCypher

Coming Soon

  • The Risk of Centralized Authorities: A look at the anatomy of Infrastructure-Level Man In The Middle Attacks

  • Demo for new encryption service

  • Expanded Open-Source UI for interacting with all of our smart contracts

Thanks for reading!